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Uncle Vanya
by Anton Checkhov
 following a dysfunctional family living at a rural estate and two friends Vanya, brother of the Professor's late first wife and the Doctor, Astrov who get caught in a love triangle.

Adaptation by Richard Nelson 
Director Owen Horsley
Stage Manager Ann Baliey 
Deputy Stage Manager Helen Yates
Set & Costume design Flora Mealyou
Costume Supervisor Rachel Merritt
Costume Design Assistants Ellen Brown, Ruxin Lyu 
Lighting Design Matthew Dean
Scenic Artists Amy Howard, Emilia Lamkin, Emily Warman, Elizabeth Doodey, Anton Schilbach, Gabriel Contino, Laura Whithey, Celine Kramer, Alina-Georgiana Soare & Xiaoyuan Hou
Photography Kirsten McTernan

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